Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Confessions of Guilt from Dan Graves - Installment #15

I think the creepy-raver-hippie teller at the grocery store is awesome.  Sure, he smells a bit.  And yes, he stares at and flirts with my wife...and every other woman in the store for that manner.  But the guy is happy.  I'm not talking about content, I mean this guy is happy harking back to the original and for some reason long forgotten about meaning of the word "gay".  He's always smiling.  He's always got something nice to say (even if it's mildly inappropriate).  And he makes you feel good about being you.  I walked by him the other day and he looked at me and said "Awesome shirt man" and gave me a hi-five (an appropriate one).  Small gesture, instant impact.  He does what he does, and he's happy doing it.  He is accepting and appreciative of the world presented to him as-is, constantly.

Granted, he is a bit creepy to the ladies; but what if we all, for even one day, looked at and appreciated the world and all those in it with half of the eagerness and optimism this guy does.  I'll start now:

You all look awesome today, and I really liked that thing you did that time - you totally nailed it.

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