Friday, June 14, 2013

Confessions of Guilt from Dan Graves - Installment #10

I am fantastic when it comes to making up excuses; it's a borderline superpower.  I once convinced myself not to run, because 2 days later I had yoga, which was far too important to miss given how it's helping my shoulder injury; which if missed would lead to an even more extended duration off the ice playing hockey.

Hockey - that's a confession all on it's own to everyone I've known prior to 2005.

I mulled it over and yup, it made sense...once I'm back on the ice I'll be able to exercise far more; I owe it to myself to kick back tonight.  I've ordered a drink I shouldn't have because I thought the business was slow at the bar that night and I needed to do my part.  I've bought video games to connect with friends online (by shooting them).  I bought a new car because there was a tick in the engine at idle - could be dangerous.  I bought the new car after that one because my housemate was buying a new car and I couldn't live in a house where my car wasn't the fastest.  I bought a new tube amp because my solid state amp had a slight buzz coming from it...with a stratocaster plugged into it (anyone who plays guitar will get why this is ridiculous...long story short strats buzz).

Everyone's good at something, right?  Right???  Well, acknowledgement is the first step in solving a problem...I'll have to make a point of looking up the next step at some point soon.

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