Monday, June 17, 2013

Confessions of Guilt from Dan Graves - Installment #13

I'm incredibly start. I get out of the gates really slowly, but once I get fired up boy do I get cocky. I used to be afraid to go up to people's houses. I would stand outside my buddy Chad Miller's place for 30 minutes at a time softly yelling "Chad!" hoping someone would hear me. I managed to get over that fear eventually, but still if you put me in a room full of new people, I'm bound to be a bit quiet. I've continuously tried to put myself in situations that push me to my limits in my career to try to get beyond it, and I've gotten really good at faking it; but I'm still ridiculously shy. I should have been an actor I suppose.

Anyway - if you're hanging out and you hear someone softly yelling your name...have a look outside your front door - I could just be out there, quietly trying not to impose.

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